One on One

It is rare that we have much one on one time with the kids.  Oh, we try… it just doesn’t happen as often as we’d like.  Yesterday was library day, and we spontaneously bought tickets for today’s play at our local theater; “The Prince and the Pauper.”  As we were buying them, Sierra decided she didn’t want to go; she wanted a date with me, instead.  So we bought tickets for the 3 others to go with their papa, and Sierra and I planned our date.  Wouldn’t you know, she wanted to walk to the horse stables… read a library book along the way at the secret rock river… come back and have a tea party… then sew her tooth fairy pillow so it is ready for her first loose tooth.  And, we actually got to it all, (though the pillow is not finished!)

1s 1 1s 2 1s 3 1s 4 1s 5 1s 6 1s 7 1s 8

1s 9 1s 10 1s 12 1s 13

1s 14

We also found roly poly bugs and made graham cracker, gummy bear, frosting, nerd treats to go with our tea.

One on one time is so good for all of us.  I treasure these times.  However, I have to laugh… with each of our kids, no matter how much fun we are having on our date, by the end of the date they can’t wait to be reunited with their siblings.

Thanks for the fun, Sierra!

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