Love Like you Mean it Cruise, Day 1

At last I get to day 1 of our cruise… boarding our ship.  That morning we had driven from Orlando to Miami in our rental car.  (Thanks to Chick-Fil-A and free coffee in February, we made a few stops!)  It’s amazing how relaxing a drive can be with just your spouse…

We arrived about noon, and decided on stopping for frozen yogurt for “lunch.” After all, boarding went from 11am until 3:30pm so we had plenty of time.  As we boarded, we noticed there were not really any other people around.  Hmmm… were we late or early?  Daniel guessed we were early.  Apparently, we were very late!

csd 1

Walking onto the ship was surreal.  Walking into our room was surreal.  We decided to get some real food and explore the ship…  (Apparently my husband caught me freshening up a bit!)

csd 2

csd 3

csd 4

csd 5

csd 6 csd 7

I am embarrassed to admit just how star-struck I was.  I know these are all “normal” people and I didn’t want to bother them.  At the same time, the movies put out by the Kendrick brothers are some of our favorites, and we just had to tell them.  (And bug them for a picture!)

csd 8

They have a new movie coming out in August called “The War Room.”  It is all about prayer.  I first heard about it through an e-mail I got the morning we left to come on this trip.  I was hoping and hoping we would get to see a sneak preview… and we did!  UH-mazing!  It is their best, yet!  So my next “star-struck moment” came when I saw the star of the new movie, T.C. Stallings and his beautiful wife.  It turns out they’re Cali residents, too!  They were so kind and genuine and graciously took the time to talk with us a bit.

csd 9

The first night speakers were Kirk and Chelsea Cameron.  (Kirk Cameron was sporting a new look for a new movie).  This picture is not with a zoom lens; we were really right there!

csd 10

Now, let me back-up for just a second.  We had an amazing dinner and the chance to meet lots of fun people from all over the country.  Then we all met for this “general session,” which began with worship.  The worship time was so powerful.  I clearly felt God impress upon my heart this:  “You came to see so many ‘stars.’  But, did you expect to meet with Me?”  I was convicted and humbled.  The answer was truly “no.”  I really did come excited to see so many of my favorite Christian artists, to enjoy not cooking, and to have special time with my husband… but I hadn’t really expected to meet God so powerfully at worship!  My heart was changed and my attitude was changed.  That’s what it was all about.  We can only truly be transformed by a touch from God; it doesn’t matter how good the speakers are!

csd 11

Each night we returned to our room not only with an adorable animal towel, but with an agenda for the next day to look through.  We also had special little gifts on our doors to encourage us to go deeper with our marriage.  Day 1 came to an end, and I went to sleep with a BIG smile!

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