The second part of our getaway took us to Orlando, Florida.  This was our third time to Orlando as a married couple, but this time the main attraction was to visit my grandparents who are now in a home.  Before visiting them, however, we went to visit R.C. Sproul’s church, St. Andrews.  We felt so blessed that he was actually preaching that day, as his health doesn’t permit him to preach too often anymore.  What a blessing to hear such a mighty man of God!

or 1 or 2

After service, we went to lunch with my Mom’s friend and then headed out to see my grandparents.  Thankfully, my Grandpa had just gotten out of the hospital and was doing much better.

or 3

Something tells me my mom has been here:

or 4

or 5

or 6

It’s kind of hard to put into words what this day meant.  First of all, I feel incredibly blessed to still have both my grandparents on my mom’s side.  I realize that this is unusual, and such a gift.  My Grandpa still has more of his mind than my Grandma, however, both of them knew who I was and were happy to see me.  What a gift that was!  (And, both of them said some things that told me their minds were not fully there.)  We stayed about 4 hours, which seemed both long and short at the same time. I could see that they were both getting tired, and so with a heavy yet joyful heart I prayed for each of them and then we said goodbye.

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