First Stop

Yesterday I mentioned we were back… and chances are, you didn’t even know we were gone!?  But, I didn’t mention exactly where we were.  You see, for my 40th birthday this year, my parents decided to surprise us with a Family Life Love Like You Mean It Marriage Cruise.  Add to that they offered to do the babysitting while we were away, AND my husband made it an extra long trip by booking us flights to both Dallas, Texas to see my dear friend and Orlando, Florida to see my grandparents.  You can see where this is going…

  • First vacation without the kids
  • First time on a cruise
  • First time seeing my friend since she moved from California
  • Turning 40
  • First time swimming with dolphins
  • First time seeing my grandparents in an “elderly” state
  • Incredible Christian speakers and artists
  • Mingling with some of my favorite Christian artists
  • Meeting incredible like-minded people from all over the U.S.
  • Being alone with my husband

You get the point!  This trip was incredibly special and incredibly emotional.  (If this were an English paper, I would probably fail for my lack of using any adjective other than “incredible,” but truly that’s what it was!)

So, with no further ado let me take you on our first stop; Dallas.  And, let me explain why the picture quality is so bad; we decided to borrow a little camera and leave our big DSLR for convenience sake.  Next time I am going with the big and bulky; just sayin’.

dal 1

dal 2

 When she lived in California, this lady was one of my nearest and dearest friends.   Saying goodbye was hard in so many ways.  The irony is that for our entire 9 years together, we never once made it on a double date with just us and our husbands.  It took them moving to Texas for that to happen!

dal 3

Dinner was incredible.  (I told you that was my word for the day!)  In fact, I shouldn’t be writing this post right now since dinner was 5 hours ago and my stomach is growling.  Anyway, this was our appetizer dish that was followed by some yummy Mediterranean entrees.  Then we headed a few doors down for cake (and coffee!) for dessert.
dal 4

We probably stayed up far too late talking, but we had just 24 hours together and wanted to make the most of it.  The next morning came quickly, (especially after losing 2 hours), but it was so much fun to watch their girls play basketball at their church.

dal 5

Did I mention our friends now live on a 14 acre goat farm?

dal 6 dal 7 dal 8 dal 9

dal 10

Good thing we were going on a cruise next so Daniel couldn’t take this little guy home.

dal 11

dal 12

dal 13

Almost exactly 24 hours after saying hello it was time to say goodbye.  We enjoyed some Tex Mex for dinner, then headed back to the airport.  Short but sweet, and oh such a blessing!  At the airport, we saw this bar and grill, and had to take a picture for all our CRU, (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), friends.

dal 14

The end of one leg, but just the start of our journey…


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