The temperature yesterday was 78 degrees.  I have decided that 78 is pretty much the perfect temperature, and that it is a sin to be inside when it is 78 outside.  Even though we were at the park in the morning and I kicked the kids outside for lunch, it was still not enough time to satisfy my desire for being outdoors… and so we walked to our favorite place, (for the 3rd time since coming home less than a week ago!)  The horse stables.  And, I even brought my camera this time because… well… I learned my lesson from our trip; when in doubt, always bring the DSLR.

hos 1

hos 2

hos 3

So many butterflies… the camera caught one below:

hos 4

hos 5 Yes, it was a good thing I had my camera; “Take a picture of me with this horse.  Take a picture of ME with that horse!”  The kids have been so excited about the two new miniature horses; Penn and Tucker.

hos 7

hos 8

hos 9

hos 10 hos 11

 There is rain in the forecast for this weekend.  Until then, I think the horses need visitors again, tomorrow!

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