Back to crafting…

bc 1

back to taking care of animals…

bc 2

back to making dinners…

bc 3

 back to… blogging!

It’s always a bit difficult to get started again after taking a blog break. Mostly, once I get behind it’s hard to figure out where to start, again. In the case of this past week, where we were on the most amazing vacation of my life, it is especially difficult to know where to begin; so many emotions, so many pictures to sort through, and so much that happened!

Tonight I had a choice: finish the laundry, which is getting quite desperate, or get back to blogging. (Anybody want to come over and help me fold?)

It’s probably going to come together in little posts here and there. If I try to do one big “This was our trip!” post, it would be too overwhelming. Oh, but I can’t wait to share… so much to share!!!

Pictured above:  (top)   Sierra has been begging to do school and crafts since we got back.  Today we did corn syrup paints; always easy, and so beautiful!

(middle)  The cat looked so much bigger when we got home!  He is still the cutest ever.

(bottom)  For Valentine’s Day, my parents gave Daniel a Weber grilling book.  He didn’t waist any time spoiling us with this amazing flank steak recipe!

Can’t wait to share about our trip; be patient with me!  🙂

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