Valentine Decor

The day the boxes come down from the garage, there are always smiles…

vad 1

We usually pull down our Valentine decor on January 23rd so the house is all “lovey-dovey” as we celebrate our anniversary on the 24th.  Due to the sickies, we were a little late this year.

vad 2

The first thing Sierra looks for is a special stuffy-wuff to take to her bed for the season.  She does it with every box for every holiday.  The second thing she goes for is the leftover lollipop stash.  We always pack away a few leftover lollipops for the next season.  (I’m thinking -er – hoping lollipops last a while?)

vad 3

After decorating, all of the crafty items get put on our school room table.  The kids are free to come and make Valentines for their siblings as they wish.  They put all the Valentines in our Valentine Mailboxes.  I kid you not, when I say that Sierra has spent countless hours the last few days making us all special Valentine’s.  It’s the first place she goes every morning.  Our bags are practically overflowing!  I cannot wait to see them. Besides craft items, I have special Valentine bags that they can put goodies in to give to their siblings.  I love seeing what they come up with!  Other than a totally messy school room, it’s a lot of fun.


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