Ice Skating Lessons

Sometimes I question my sanity… what was I thinking signing four little ones up for ice skating?

isl 1

isl 2

Sierra’s face says it all… (along with her wet pants).  Poor girl fell so many times, my own bum hurt for her!  But she was a trooper and stuck to it.  And so did Malachi, who you will see on the ground next to Sierra.  Poor dude was miserable, but worked hard to be tough.  As soon as he spotted me through the glass, his lip began to quiver and my heart melted.  One of the instructors spotted him and brought him a little plastic chair to scootch on, and he made it through.

isl 3

isl 4

Allison and Natalie were too far down to take pictures, but they did great and enjoyed it.  Afterwards, they spent about 40 minutes on the ice during free skate time.  (Sierra lasted about 2 minutes, but at least she got back out there and tried!)

isl 5

isl 6

isl 7

Afterward, we went out for a little hot chocolate.

isl 8 isl 9 isl 10

Yes, I question my sanity at times.  Then I look at the pictures and remember just the good parts and… do it all over again next week!


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