A Short Story

Once upon a time I lived by myself in a most adorable little 850 sq. foot house.  I knew nothing about painting, building Ikea furniture, or decorating, but I soon learned and I sure had fun trying.  Somehow I will have to dig up some old pictures of Daisy Court for you.

Today I am happily married to the most handy of men.  I no longer try… anything.  (Ok, so I still paint my walls when I get a whim, but that’s about it.)  I am embarrassed to admit I even put hanging pictures on my honey-do lists.

All that to say, for Christmas Santa gave me a fun wooden sign.  (The kids noticed Santa used the same wrapping paper as Uncle Nate, but whatever…)  It has been sitting in my office the last couple weeks just waiting to be hung.  Then it occurred to me.  I could put a bracket on the back and hang it all by myself.  And I did!  I didn’t measure or use a level, but you can’t tell.  My type A husband has now joked that he will have to start hiding his tools, but I am feeling super empowered — all from one little picture hanging!

Oh, yeah… here is the sign above our bathroom door.  Thank you, Santa… I know you’re reading this!



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