The hair.

Where do I begin when talking about Sierra’s hair?  Until she was 3, the girl sported an amazing afro.  People, (strangers,) are always naturally curious about my husband’s ethnicity when I am out and about with the kiddos.  Oh, the stories I could tell… like, “What is your husband?”  Anyway, more than once I was asked if I was married to an African American when I was alone with Sierra.  Because. of. the. HAIR.

Well, she is getting older and her hair is changing.  The curls are disappearing, (sniff, sniff), but she still has some on the ends.  And, body — the girl’s got body!

So, you want to know what happens to her hair after 5 days of laying around sick and unable to take a bath?

hair 1

Oh, the scratch on her cheek?  Poor dear was sound asleep on the floor when the kitten wanted to play.  Ouch.

hair 2

hair 3

I’m not gonna lie… bath time brushing involved a few screams.  But all is well in the hair realm, and we’re still praying for the sickness to leave, but I believe we are getting there!


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