Cloud Dough

How did moms ever mom without the internet?  That, I don’t know.  I’m just thankful I am a mom who is able to look-up natural remedies, recipes, and crafts for the family and have my answer in seconds!

Monday, (the first day of the sickies), Allison just read all day and Natalie went to our homeschool group with friends, leaving a somewhat crabby 5 and 3 year old for me to entertain.  (Had I known they were on the verge of this monster flu, I probably would have shown a little more grace — lesson learned!)  My saving grace came when Sierra asked me to make sand.  Make sand?  Turns out, she was referring to cloud dough, which I haven’t made in over a year!  It was such a hit the first time around, but the recipe called for 1 cup baby oil and 8 cups flour and I never have baby oil lying around.  Once Sierra asked, it occurred to me that probably any oil would do… and so it would!  Did you know that 1 cup canola oil plus 8 cups flour equals over an hour of peace and happiness for a mom?  (Didn’t know you’d get a math lesson, did ya?)

cld 1

cld 2

cld 3

I quickly realized the ground would soon be a mess… and so we moved the mess to our garden box.  (Whatever will the kids do when we actually plant a garden in there again this spring?)

cld 4

cld 5

cld 6

Get better soon, my poor babies!  Now I’d better get some sleep since 3/4 of my children have been sleeping since 3pm and it may be a long night!


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