Every once in a while, I begin to scroll back and get lost in the blog, reliving all the memories.  That’s why I blog — to preserve the memories.  I hadn’t done it in quite some time, and found myself scrolling all the way back right around the New Year.  For some reason, the post of Sierra sick in bed stuck in my mind.  “She was really sick,” I remember thinking.  When she gets sick, the poor girl has a temperature that just sky rockets.

This week was suppose to be our start back to school and “normal” life.  Then the sickies hit.  Again.  Allison was the first, and we thought it may have stopped with her.  This was her 4th time with the coughing virus this year, poor baby!  Almost simultaneously, the other three came down with it.  Yesterday Sierra’s fever was 105.2, and would not go below 102 after Tylenol and Motrin.  I spent the night with her on one side and Malachi on the other — needless to say, there wasn’t much sleeping.

It sounds miserable… and I am not going to pretend it was fun.  But, I kept thanking God that I could be home with them.  I was thankful for a chance to just cuddle and relax and watch movies.  (Far too many movies).  I am so thankful that I am fine, and that the weather was gorgeous and I could open the windows for fresh air.  And, I had to remind myself, (many times), that this was not a surprise to God.  It’s ok if we are a little “behind” in our school work. It”s ok.  We are blessed, and I am thankful.  And, I will be especially thankful when this bug disappears.


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