Happy Monday!  Today is the day we start school back up for second semester.  Somehow the excitement of “back to school” just isn’t the same in January as it is in the fall.  (Although, my kids may beg to differ, thankfully).  I told my husband I wasn’t quite ready, and he asked if I ever would be… probably not.  At least, not what looks like “ready” in my mind.  And yet, in many ways we are indeed ready to get back to a routine, and to start a few new exciting activities.

Since we are now headed downhill towards summer, I thought I’d leave you with some pictures of us making lemonade yesterday.  We spent the afternoon cleaning up the yard from our big storm, and finally got to picking our lemons.  (I froze quite a bit of lemon juice for summer slushies, so mark your calendars for swimming and lemonade slushies with the Yeh’s in June!)

la 1 la 2 la 3

p.s.  It feels a bit funny to be posting lemonade pictures a few days after snow pictures, but I suppose I should be used to it by now… that’s just the way things roll here in Southern California!


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