Happy New Year!  You may think the title of this post means we drove up the mountains to the snow for New Year’s Day, and… you are right.  However, let it be known that it did indeed snow here for over an hour on December 30.  I have proof!  A video of the snow, and pictures of our two downed trees and fence post from an entire night of the worst winds I can remember.  (After that all-nighter, now you know why I went to bed by 9:30pm on New Year’s Eve!)  But, since I am no good with videos I decided to skip that exciting little post and jump right to New Year’s Day and our drive up to Arrowhead for an awesome lunch and afternoon sledding with our dear friends at their rented cabin.

arh 1 arh 2

Most beautiful family ever, in every way!

arh 3

arh 4

arh 5

arh 6

arh 8

Not only was this Malachi’s first time sledding, but it was his first trip to the snow that he can remember.  I’ve never seen a happier boy.  He just laughed and squealed the entire time, and especially enjoyed sledding.  My favorite was when we went down super fast together, and he face planted at the bottom.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but he popped up smiling, face covered with white, yelling, “I said ‘Woohoo,’ I said, ‘Woohoo!’ I LOVE sledding!”

arh 9

Allison: What a trooper.  I’d say she hiked the hill and went sledding more than any of us.  Smiles all the way…

arh 10 arh 11

Natalie was most excited about building a snowman.  Sadly, our camera ran out of battery before I was able to capture her creation.  Once back at the cabin, she and Malachi also made a snow monster on the deck.

arh 12

arh 13

One minute, Sierra was complaining about the cold, and the next minute she was lying in the snow.  Hmmm…

arh 14

arh 15

It was so fun to make it up to the snow, again, after last year’s drought.  Please tell my husband a cabin would be a fun and wise investment.  🙂


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