Christmas Day 2014

How is Christmas over, already?  I’m going to blink, and it will be Christmas 2015!  We had a very merry day, with the exception of missing Grandma who got the flu and had to stay in bed most of the day.  (Poor Grandma!)

First thing in the morning, the stockings were sorted.  The kids were so thrilled with their Santa gifts, we could have stopped right there!  They wasted no time playing with their new gifts while waiting for Papa to come home to enjoy breakfast with us…

chr 1

chr 1.5

chr 2

chr 3

chr 4

This year I did 1/3 of our breakfast casserole in bacon instead of sausage so the kids would actually enjoy it.  And, they did!

chr 6

Present sorting… such cute little elves!

chr 7 chr 8 chr 9 chr 10 chr 11.5

Presents, presents, presents… Allison made us each poems, which are quite the treasure. Natalie made me a coaster from perler beads.

chr 11

chr 12

chr 13 chr 14

Snacks, games, baking, cooking, waiting for cousins to arrive…

chr 16
chr 18

chr 19 chr 20

Dinner:  prime rib, lamb chops, lefse, brussel sprout salad, this cranberry bread, and this broccoli

chr 21

chr 22

Happy birthday, Jesus!


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