Natalie’s Frozen Art Birthday

I love that for many of my daughter’s birthdays, being so near to Christmas, she has chosen “wintery” themes.  This year?  Frozen Art.  In the past, choosing the theme was about the extent of the input I allowed the kids to make.  I mentioned in previous posts how this year has been different in that I allowed Natalie to help with decorations and planning… Well, this year she was also allowed to pick her party date and guests completely on her own.  She decided she wanted her party on her actual birthday, (which was also a school day).  And so, today we celebrated Natalie’s birthday with a Frozen Art party!

n8 1.5

n8 1

n8 2.5

n8 2

See those hanging snow flakes?  They are handmade and were supposed to be one of our crafts today, but I had to scrap the idea after breaking several yesterday… sigh…

n8 3

n8 4

I love the outfits the girls chose.  “Cuties… I think I’ll keep them!”  (Somebody please get Frozen quotes and songs out of my head!)

n8 5 n8 6

I stole all of my menu ideas from Pinterest.  You can check out my Pinterest board here.  The cake was my only (somewhat) original idea, and was a lot of fun.  My only regret was making our ice crystals too green.

n8 7 n8 8

n8 3.5

n8 9.5 n8 9 n8 10

Frozen coloring pages, “How to draw Olaf,” and coffee filter snowflakes.

n8 11 n8 12 n8 13 n8 14 n8 15

Watching the snowflakes “fall.”

n8 16

n8 17 n8 18

“Do you want to build a snowman?”

n8 19 n8 20

“Don’t eat Olaf.”  This game was such a hit… way more than I expected!

n8 21 n8 22

n8 23

n8 24 n8 25 n8 26

Happy 8th birthday, sweet Natalie!  We love you!


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