Makes Me Smile…

Right now it’s crunch time.  Grandma arrives today.  Birthday and party tomorrow.  Christmas in a week.  All good stuff.  Here’s a glimpse of life around here:

My 2 oldest have continued to help me with party planning.  I am loving having them “in” on the planning… this may be a new “thing,” (though I am still keeping a few secrets for the big day.)

mms 1 mms 2

I keep finding this one playing with the nativity set.  LOVE IT!

mms 3

We pulled down the snow gear… fun times.

mms 4

My lunch… leftover grilled pork, homemade guacamole, lettuce, and homemade naan.  I think I could eat like this every day!  (But, of course, I won’t.  Sadly.)

mms 5

I bribed the kids into doing laundry by offering a fire and hot chocolate.  Definitely a good move.

mms 6

Daniel played with the shutter speed of the camera and we created a ghost.  So cool.

mms 7

I made Daniel pull out his trumpet for the kids.  Less than 60 seconds later I regretted it.  That thing is loud!  But, the kids loved it, and he truly is amazing.

mms 8

Dance party in the hall.  (Check out Sierra’s “serious” dance face.  Too funny.)

mms 9 mms 10 mms 11

If I could freeze time… Oh, if I could freeze time.  Right now.  At these exact ages.  Right now.  It is busy, it is tiring, but it is oh so sweet and fun.  They are all still “little” and have so much fun together.  I love watching them and hearing their interactions.  Yes, right now.  Oh, if I could freeze time…

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