Schooling with Sierra

Four and five year olds are so much fun… so young that most of their “learning” is still play time.  But, I do get around to doing a little “school” with Sierra.    I’ll be honest; it can be a struggle.  She is not one to naturally want to do school.  (It wasn’t that way with my first two, so this is a learning curve for me!)  But, once she is “doing” school, she often enjoys it.  (I think)


ssc 4

ssc 2

ssc 1

My main goal with Sierra is to have her enjoy learning.  Many days I feel like I am failing at it.  Then she shocks me with something she says, or reads a word, or draws something new, and I know we are getting somewhere.

“Please, let them be little,

‘Cause they’re only that way for a while.

Give them hope, give them praise,

Give them love every day.

Let ’em cry, let ’em giggle,

Let ’em sleep in the middle,

Oh, but let them be little.”

-Billy Dean


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