Shrinky Dink Ornament Fail(ish)

I remember reading once that you could make shrink dinks out of any old recycled plastic.  We received our Christmas card orders this week, and when I saw the nice sheets of plastic that came over them, I knew right away what I wanted to try!

shd 1

I told the girls to grab books or Christmas cards or whatever to copy or trace to make shrink sinks.  They colored with Sharpies, cut them out, punched them with a hole punch, and then we baked them for about a minute…

shd 2

(I love how Sierra chose a Christmas card with our 2 favorite teenagers and traced them!)

shd 3

shd 4

So… they didn’t shrink.  (They did curl up a bit!)  It wasn’t until AFTER going through this whole process, that I decided to look online to see how exactly I should have done things.   There are some great tutorials out there about which recycled plastics to use, and which not to.  Also, most sites recommended colored pencils.  But alas, ours are still hung proudly on our tree.


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