Ice Breakers

Want to know how to get your kids to the table for dinner without complaining about the food that’s set before them?  Yeah, me too!  Sorry, I don’t know how to do that.  But, I can tell you how to get them to actually eat it, (a little).  When my mom came to visit last, she brought us this fun little set of cards called “Ice Breakers.”  It’s a set of 150 questions all about the “holiday,” (Christmas), and they are a lot of fun.  We have been going through about 5 or 6 of them a night at the dinner table, and the kids absolutely love it!

ib 1

Questions about favorite and not-so-favorite traditions, snow activities, ornaments, and more…

ib 2

Each kid gets to read a question, and once we have all answered at least 3 bites need to be taken before another question is read.

ib 3

I’ll be honest; the dog still had his share of “leftovers” tonight.  But, I didn’t have to spend the entire meal explaining why it was important to eat a variety of healthy foods, etc.  They just ate when they had to, and anxiously waited for the next question… hooray for ice breakers!


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