The State of our House

I know… I know… I know it will all get put together.  I know the mess is temporary as we change seasons.  I know we are blessed with much. But, I just had to document this:

soh 1

soh 2

soh 3


soh 4

Boxes everywhere.  Ornaments everywhere.  Don’t even let me get started on how many books are spread across the floors!  But, I smile… scenes like this:

soh 6

Sisters reading Christmas books together…

soh 7

My oldest taking a break from her doll’s Christmas scarf french knitting to read a Christmas devotion…

soh 8

And, breakfast using our Christmas dishes that will be used from now until Christmas.  These scenes are so worth the chaos.  Every year I tell myself I will quietly get the boxes down myself and go through them in an orderly fashion, but what fun is that?  The boxes will get put away… soon… and the Christmas decor will be displayed, and the kids will have their memory of “helping” me decorate once again!


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