Malachi’s Construction Party

Lots of thanks to Pinterest for this one… And, to my firefighter husband for giving me black and yellow tape… and of course my Mom for doing a million and one dishes and lots of cleaning!  For the first time, I didn’t really plan any activities other than turning our garden box into a construction site.  (What kinds of activities do 3 year old boys need?)

c3 1 c3 2 c3 3 c3 4 c3 5 c3 6
c3 8

c3 9

c3 11

And, a little coloring, of course…

c3 12

c3 13 c3 14 c3 15

My husband makes an awesome grill master, and was in charge of the lunch.  He always seems to be in charge of food.  No wonder we eat so well!

c3 16

c3 17

Balloons, balloons, balloons!

c3 18

c3 19
c3 21.5

 The cake…. oh, how I loved doing this cake!  I am not a perfectionist, and not very good at cakes.  Making one that was purposefully sloppy to resemble a construction site was right up my alley!

c3 20

c3 21


c3 22

Look how cute my little dude looks waiting to open his presents.  (His feet will be touching the floor all too soon!)

c3 23 c3 24 c3 25

Hugs… love it!

c3 26

Playing with your best friend and your new toys… does it get any better?

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