Thanksgiving 2015

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had!  1.  My parents came for a visit.  2.  All I had to cook was breakfast…

thnk 1
thnk 2

Around noon we headed to the fire station for our Thanksgiving Celebration.

thnk 2.5

thnk 3

I made some yummy popcorn mix and brought some Kids’ Thanksgiving table mats, but those did not get touched.  The kids were too busy having fun outside!

thnk 4 thnk 5 thnk 6 thnk 7

thnk 8

After dinner, we took Malachi outside to open an early birthday present…

thnk 9 thnk 10

We scored this awesome excavator on Craigslist for $15.  Malachi was thrilled… he kept saying, “My Costco excavator!”  Daniel thought it would be fun to let him open it at the Fire Station because of the huge pile of sand in their parking lot.  The kids may or may not have rolled through the sand the rest of the night!

thnk 11

thnk 12

thnk 14

thnk 15

thnk 16

So much to be thankful for…

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