Sierra’s 5 Year Old Tea Party

It all started just before Allison turned 5… my dear friend Katie had the wonderful idea of a mother-daughter tea party every time one of her daughters turned 5.  Like a good friend, I immediately stole her lovely idea, and the 5-year-old tea party was born.  What a blessing it has been… thank you, my dear friend!

stp 1

We are blessed to have a fabulous tea house just down the street from us, which we pass by every time we go to church.  Sierra has been waiting anxiously, and today was finally the day!

stp 2 stp 3

It took me a minute to realize that this would be my last 5-year-old tea party, (unless we decide to do it with my son.)  **sniff, sniff**

stp 4

I looked at the menu, and was a little sad to not see the raspberry coconut cream black tea — a favorite of both Allison and Natalie.  I mentioned it to our server, only to find out they did have it.  Hooray!  Unfortunately, Sierra did not like it.  She picked out our second tea, which was vanilla almond.  I was pleasantly surprised to see her face light up after trying it.  Needless-to-say, we went home with both teas.

stp 5

Sierra loved the cinnamon apple scone with apple butter.  She also felt very special pouring her own cream and adding her own sugar.  I may have stopped her after about 5 or 6 spoonfuls, but at least she enjoyed the tea that way!

stp 6 stp 7

Of all my children, I think Sierra had the most fun looking around.  She was especially fond of this sweet green fairy.

stp 8 stp 9

Dress-up time!  I think I have a picture of both Allison and Natalie just like this one:

stp 11

spf 10

Sierra was given this special candle, along with a fancy bracelet.  She couldn’t have felt more special.

stp 12

After lunch, Sierra could hardly wait to swing n the front porch swing.  Precious.

stp 13

stp 14

My girl and me… what a lovely time, Sierra!  You made it so fun; even when you got silly and started yelling “Bam!”  It was also fun to watch you dance around, and to sing “Amazing Grace” when we heard it play.  I especially loved it when we both got the giggles.  Happy 5th birthday, my dear!


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