October Clay Craft

Sierra asked for a craft the other day, and my heart sank a little.  We have been so busy this fall that we haven’t really done as many crafts as I did when Allison or Natalie were Sierra’s age.

“What do you want to do?”

“Paint clay,” she responded.  I tried to see if paper would suffice — or wood — or rocks.  Nope.  So, we made clay.  Then we baked clay.

clay 1 clay 2 clay 3

clay 4

clay 5

And, we painted clay… all while eating the fall mix.  And Sierra was happy.  The End.


Today I got a phone call from a dear friend who lives states away just to tell me she pulled out her fall decor.  It may sound funny, but it’s not at all unusual…. my friends know how near and dear fall is to my heart.  And, typically they think of all things pumpkin.  Would you believe it’s October 1, and I have yet to make anything pumpkin?  Somehow apples have stolen my heart this year.

apple 1 apple 2

Apple dutch baby, apple pie, apple muffins, and apple pancakes have all been made multiple times.  Apples with peanut butter, apples with honey, apples with nutella… the possibilities are endless!  Sadly, we ran out of our fresh picked apples this week.  I am debating going a second time.  We have certainly been loving on some apples this year!