The Wedding

The morning of the wedding was really quite relaxed.  We finished up the flowers, then got ourselves ready.  Usually I am thankful when Daniel takes the kids so I can get ready; this time I think he got the better end of the deal!

wed 1

And just so you can see the view they were enjoying, see if you can spot Sierra peeking out of the hot tub:

wed 2


wed 3

Once the kids were all bathed, they got dressed and the girls got a little eye shadow.

wed 4

I had to take this picture.  Look at Malachi’s face!  “Do I have to sea this?”  Thankfully, he did but not after many tears.

wed 5

Now, there aren’t too many pictures for a couple of reasons.  1.  It rained right up until the ceremony started, and 2. It’s hard to take pictures when your entire family is in the wedding.  That being said, here is what we have:

wed 6

Oh, the rainbow… There is a story.  The day before the wedding, there was a 0% chance of rain.  The day after, there was also a 0% chance of rain.  The day of, the forecast called for a 100% chance of rain; and there was!   Amazingly, it stopped right as the wedding began, and the most incredible rainbow shown through.  My picture is not even of the “good” rainbow.  What a blessing!

wed 7

How sweet is this boy?

wed 8

wed 9

wed 11

wed 12

These two don’t always get along.  They are by far the most physical when they get angry!  But, my heart melted when this big sister grabbed her little brother and kept exclaiming, “Oh, you’re just so cute!”

wed 13

Cornhole toss.  (I didn’t know that’s what it was called, either!)

wed 14

wed 15

wed 16

wed 17

wed 18

wed 19

wed 20

The speeches:

wed 21

The dancing.  Who knew my kids love to dance?

wed 22

wed 23

wed 24

wed 25

Congratulations, uncle Nate and aunt Hilary!

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