Friday we left San Mateo and headed across the Golden Gate up to Healdsburg to begin wedding preparations.   It was so fun to drive through the city with my kids!  We keep saying we are going to take them, but alas time slips away.  At least now we can say they’ve driven through it.

hb 1

hb 2

This was the Yeh’s first time to the Russian River Valley, but it certainly won’t be our last.  What an amazingly beautiful place!

hb 3

hb 4

As soon as we arrived, we began prepping flowers for the wedding.

hb 6.5

Look how calm she is!

hb 6

Of course, we had to try the Nespresso maker before heading up the hill for the rehearsal.

hb 7

Gasp… yes, I know why they chose this location!

hb 8

hb 9

hb 10

hb 11

hb 12

hb 13

hb 14

hb 15

hb 16

hb 17

After the rehearsal, we went to the most incredible rehearsal dinner ever.  The food was amazing.  Natalie told us she learned a new word; “gourmet.”

hb 18 hb 19 hb 20

Stay tuned for the wedding…

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