Half Moon Bay

What I didn’t mention yesterday is that the pumpkin patch we went to is just a few miles from the beach.  Instead of paying $10 to park, we drove just 2 miles farther to the free beach with cliff climbing access… yikes!  It was absolutely gorgeous, though.  And nobody else was there.  I’ll take a freezing cold Northern California empty beach over a crowded warm Southern California beach any day!

beach 1

beach 2

beach 3

Across the parking lot was a huge open field with these 2 beautiful horses.  They were standing far off, but came right up to us when we approached the fence.

beach 4

beach 5

As I mentioned before, the only access to the beach was down a steep cliff path…

beach 8

… I went down just far enough to take this picture, then headed back up to leave the camera in the car.  I needed all my limbs free in order to get down!

beach 10

While down below, we found a beautiful tide pool area, but spotted just one anemone and one baby eel.  Up above, we spotted a red tail hawk and several pelicans.  The kids were even able to make it back up the cliff with a pelican feather souvenir.  🙂

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