Grandpa and Grandma’s House

In case you were wondering where I’ve been, the title gives it away!  We had such a wonderful trip, and now I am beat.  Oh wait… back to school, soccer, and the start of birthdays and holidays; there’s no time to be beat!  At least the weather is cooler, so there is time to drink coffee.  🙂

There were many different parts to our trip, but I didn’t want to skip over the “little” things at Grandma’s house… like hugging Grandma, playing with her toys and dolls, reading her books, and playing her piano.

gh 1 gh 2 gh 3 gh 4

I think the kids had just as much fun hanging out at the house as doing all our activities!  I also included a few little pictures of some of the subtle fall decorations my mom had around.  She is pretty amazing at decorating, but doesn’t go overboard.  Thanks for your inspiration and ideas, Mom!

Lots more pics to come…

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