A Waterfall, a Friend, and some Thoughts

Sometimes my words escape me.  And, sometimes I feel there are just too many for this here little blog.  I just spent 20 minutes typing away, and then hitting delete.  It was more of a prayer than a blog entry, anyway.  I’m pretty sure God read it before I hit delete. 🙂

wf 1

All that to say, I’m a bit tired and worn.  But I am reminded that it takes these times to really get me back to my knees.  And, on my knees is where I need to be right now — so it’s a good thing!

wf 2

wf 3

Last week my college roommate came for a visit and we enjoyed a sea salt coffee, pastries, and a hike.  (She and I spent 6 months in Germany enjoying coffee and pastries in college, and there is no one I enjoy sharing sweets and coffee with more!)  Her timing was perfect, as she is a vet and got to check out our little Angel.  (I can’t believe I haven’t posted pictures, yet — that has to be next!)  In reality, I wish I was the one visiting her in Minnesota in October.  Oh, the fall leaves!  But, our hike was rather beautiful; even if it was 90 degrees.  (Poor girl; I forgot that’s a hot summer day for her, whereas that’s a normal fall day for us!)

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