Mexico 2014

Words kind of escape me when it comes to our trip to Mexico.  How do you put words to so many mixed emotions?  The joy of living simply.  The heartache of kids without parents.  The tenderness of your own kids experiencing a different  culture.  The tastiness of fresh tacos and pineapple juice.  The presence of the Holy Spirit tugging at your heart.  The urgency to spread the gospel and care for the needy.  The smiling faces of new friends.  It feels good to feel!

mex 1

mex 2

Our trip was with a group from our church to an orphanage just across the border near Arizona.  It is run by an amazing couple who have such servant hearts.  My camera died half way through the trip, so my pictures don’t cover it all.

mex 3

It is such a huge transition for the little ones, and yet it went so smoothly.  Despite very little sleep, they were thrilled to be there.  The plethora of animals certainly helped!  They were naturally shy to begin with, but I was so proud of how quickly they warmed-up and took everything in stride.

mex 4

mex 5

mex 6

mex 7

mex 8

mex 9

mex 10

Our trip was short.  Our main purpose was to bless the kids with a carnival.  My kids had been so excited all week that they could hardly wait until after lunch to get things started.

mex 11

mex 12

Whenever a break was needed, they jumped from bed to bed in our female sleeping quarters.

mex 13 mex 14 mex 15 mex 16

mex 17

mex 19 mex 20

Natalie was in charge of face painting.  She did incredibly well.  Sometimes I forget she’s only 7 years old.

mex 21

mex 22

Sierra chased down that cat the entire weekend.  Poor cat.  There was also a teeny little pup, just days old.

mex 23

This trip was invaluable to our family.  I’ve talked with others who commented how great it is to take our kids to Mexico so they can see how blessed they are.  I’ll admit, that was in the back of my mind.  But, there is so much more than that.  Lots of good people all over the world do good work.  I want my kids to know how important it is to obey God’s command of taking care of orphans.  I want them to see people who pour their hearts out and live sacrificially for others; all to the glory of God and for the salvation of souls.  I want them to know that these little ones are as special to God as they are, and to appreciate new cultures.  Most of all, I want to plant seeds that the Holy Spirit can use to grow my kids into who He created them to be.

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