Oak Glen 2014

Soccer.  AWANA.   Back-to-school.  Firefighter picnic.  LA County Fair.  Piano.  And, of course… Oak Glen.  September is always a busy month, and yet I’m never willing to give up any of these September activities — especially apple picking!  Yesterday we ventured up the hill, and were relieved to discover that after 7 straight days of 100 + temperatures, it was a mere 82 degrees with a beautiful mix of clouds and sun in Oak Glen.  We were also pleasantly surprised that we were the only ones who thought to go apple picking that day, and had the whole place to ourselves!  As it turns out, this year they have a bumper crop of apples; score, again!

ogg 1

We met up with 3 sweet friends and all of our kiddos.  I wouldn’t be friends with any of these ladies, had we not met through a common friend who since moved to Texas.  (We all miss her dearly!)

ogg 2

ogg 3

Oh, these two… check out their boots!  I’ll warn you, I took a lot of pictures of them!  (And I didn’t even include all of them!)

ogg 4

ogg 5

ogg 6

ogg 7

ogg 8

ogg 9

As I mentioned, it was absolutely gorgeous.  What you can’t see in this still picture is the breeze blowing yellow leaves to the ground.  Yes, we DO have fall in California!

ogg 10

ogg 11 ogg 12

ogg 13

ogg 14 ogg 15 ogg 16

The apples are so incredibly delicious.  We came home with a bag heavy for even Daniel!

ogg 17 ogg 18 ogg 19

After picking apples, we hit the park… but not before hitting this rattle snake!  It still had a little life in it, as Daniel discovered while poking at it with a stick.  Dare I tell you we came home with the rattle?  Let’s just say it was not my idea.

ogg 20

Our last stop was Los Rios Ranch, where we usually have lunch, taste apples, and buy our gallon of cider in a large glass jug.  This year, we also walked through their nature conservancy trail.  Beautiful!  New tradition, for sure.

ogg 21

ogg 22 ogg 23 ogg 24

ogg 25

ogg 26 ogg 27

The kids discovered cat tails for the first time, and had fun blowing them everywhere.

ogg 28

I think this picture belongs on our wall!

ogg 30

ogg 31

ogg 37

ogg 33

ogg 34

My bird lover.  🙂

ogg 35

ogg 36

ogg 29

Another favorite picture.  Happy apple season!

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