Needing Turtles

Yesterday was Sunday.  We had gone to church Saturday night, and had absolutely nothing on the calendar for the day.  Not a thing.  It was glorious!  We all needed a day like that.  I had an extra cup of coffee with the air conditioning blasting so I could pretend it was cold outside and watched my boy play while I worked on my own project.  We stayed in jammies until lunch, and then went right into swimsuits.  (Of course, we didn’t swim until thoroughly searching the pool for possums!)  Allison wanted to do a craft, so she busted out the craft books and came up with one all on her own.  (I love my growing kiddos!)  She decided on turtles.  I watched and smiled… I needed a day of turtles!

tur 1

tur 2

tur 3

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