LA County Fair 2014

I’ll admit it.  The fair just doesn’t excite me as much as it does the rest of my family members; mostly because it’s so hot.  But, it is tradition… and I love tradition!  (It’s worth it just to watch my husband get as excited about the petting zoo as the kids!)  I always leave with a smile.  This year turned out to be especially great for me, as their newest exhibit is a huge garden.  I was able to have a one-on-one talk with the garden expert and ask all my questions.  I want to go back and take a note pad with me; this guy was incredibly knowledgeable!  (I’ll have to chat with him while the kids do rides so I am not interrupted!)  Anyway, here is our trip in pictures:

lacf 1 lacf 2 lacf 3

lacf 4 lacf 5 lacf 6 lacf 7

lacf 8 lacf 9 lacf 10

lacf 11

lacf 12.5

lacf 12

lacf 13.5

lacf 13.8

lacf 13.75 lacf 13 lacf 14


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