Back with Random Thoughts

Anyone still there?  Gosh, it feels like forever since I last blogged.  (It’s only been a week?!?!?)  Somehow, these blogging breaks always sneak up on me unexpectedly and then getting back into my routine is somewhat daunting.  Where do I begin?  How about with a cute little boy wearing his sister’s hat:

lately 1

To be honest, part of my blogging break hit when I began realizing just how brutally Christians across the world are currently being slaughtered.  I know that sounds harsh… (especially under such a cute picture), but it has been my heart’s prayer all week.  I have it soooo good.  Why was I so blessed to be born here where I am free to worship the one true God?  I love posting our joys and memories here… and I will continue to do so as long as I can.  It is a creative outlet for me, and so fun for our family to refer back to.  But, it was definitely a challenge to come back here and write when so many of my thoughts and prayers right now are for my brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering so much around the world.

lately 2

Then there’s this… school… It is honestly my favorite start to a year so far.  I am more confident, passionate, and organized in our homeschooling than in past years.  Don’t get me wrong; we have challenges!  (Especially these 2 cuties!)  But, it’s been good. And, it has me exhausted!

lately 3

This was a little treat from my husband last week.    I am blessed!


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