Cakies and Ice Cream

Following the blog of a stranger is rather interesting.  If you follow long enough, you kind of feel like you “know” them.  Of course, you wouldn’t continue to read unless you felt a certain connection.  All that to say, last week I read on one of my favorite blogs that the blogger was going to be at a city nearby me doing a little craft to promote her sewing book.  I was excited not only about doing a free craft, but meeting the sweet lady behind the blog Cakies.

alm 1

She is the real deal.  Very sweet, and a lot of fun to talk to!  It was pretty crazy seeing her adorable little ones that I’ve watched “grow-up” on the blog.

She also happened to recommend an ice cream shop around the corner, and it truly was incredible.  I highly recommend A La Minute!  The orange honey and the salted caramel were both incredible.

alm 2

alm 3

alm 4

We decided to take this opportunity to visit with some dear friends who  also happen to be “pen pals” with my girls.  (2 of our 3 girls even share the same birthday!)  They met us for ice cream and then the kids had a blast just playing and window shopping through the fun historic district.

alm 5

alm 6

alm 7

alm 8

Fun craft.  Meeting a blogging “friend.”  Yummy ice cream.  Seeing good friends.  It was a blessed day!

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