Back to School 2014

It’s no wonder the kids get excited about back-to-school.  New supplies, new incentives, and on the first day… new treats!  In previous years, we’ve done rolo pencils (2013), homemade donuts (2012), apple oreo pops (2011), and pretzel crayons (2010).  This year I decided to do rice krispy apple treats, as well as the pretzel crayons.  Last time I made them, Natalie was 3 1/2.  She is now 7 1/2.  The day before school, we went to Trader Joe’s and I subtly grabbed a bag of pretzels.  Immediately, Natalie exclaimed, “Are you making crayons?!?!?”  Obviously, they made an impression!

bsko 1

I had one child who had a tough time going to sleep, so preparations didn’t begin until 9pm the night before.  I almost skipped the pretzel crayons, but poor Natalie would have been so disappointed!

bsko 2 bsko 3 bsko 4

My kids are big on making origami “fortune tellers.”  So, I was super excited to find these.

bsko 5

bsko 6 bsko 7

They look like “normal” pancakes… but these were a new adventure for us.  They are Russian Oladi with apples.  (You can get the recipe here.)  They were really tasty; kind of reminded me o sourdough pancakes with apples.  We won’t make them often, because they take an hour to rise and of course my kids woke up at 5:40am they were so excited about school.  Crazy children.

bsko 8

bsko 9

bsko 10

bsko 11

bsko 12

Last year the kids each chose a style of washi tape, and then made their markers their own.  This year we did the same thing because it worked great all year.  If there was ever a marker on the floor, I knew exactly whose it was.

bsko 13

Oh, how I would love to be a perfectly planned mama.  But, even on the first day I found myself coming up with things as we went.  This year, I am having the kids go through a morning checklist before school starts.  One thing it includes is either reading a devotion and writing one thought in their devotion journals, or reading a chapter in Proverbs and writing one of the verses in their journals… all before breakfast  Of course, this being the first day I hadn’t told them about this yet.  And, since they were up at the crack of dawn and the Oladi needed to rise for an hour, I had to think of something for them to do while waiting for breakfast.  I had them each read a chapter in Proverbs and pick a verse to write on the board for our first day.  God is good!

bsko 14

On their own they decided a parade was in order to commemorate this day.  (Notice one child is missing… ’nuff said about that!)

And, that was our first day of school!  As always, I hope to share lots more in the school year to come!

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