It’s THAT time

Sierra woke-up this morning with a sad face.  What could possibly be wrong after a good night’s sleep?  She told her sister, “Mom said yesterday was the last day of fun.”  Awww….

What I said was it was her last school day with total freedom to do what she wanted before we started school on Monday.  Perhaps I didn’t phrase it the best… I definitely want to make school as “fun” as possible.  Not through entertaining, but by my demeanor and excitement for learning.  Of course, I have some fun planned to kick-off the first day, as well.

To be honest, I am (finally) excited myself.  Just a week ago I was afraid I would never be ready for school this year.  But now I think I am finally ready for a bit of a routine, and all things fall-ish to begin.  Back-to-school supplies are ready, the classroom is as clean and organized as it will be until next August, and I think my preparations for our new journey are ready.  What is our new journey?  We will be joining a Classical Conversations community this year.  I am excited/ nervous for so many reasons.   I felt like last year I finally had a good system down for school.  Why change a good thing?  Then I heard about Classical Conversations and knew God was tugging at my heart.  I know it will be great for us… this year was going to be different anyway, as my youngest girl will be joining us for school.  But it is the unknown, and I am ready to get started!

One preparation that was suggested to me by my incredible friends who have already been on this Classical journey was to use dividers in my teacher book… specifically 25.  I went to Target and found nothing.  (Well, nothing I needed, but everything I didn’t need.  Darn Target!)  Then it hit me… I could make my own!

wd 1

I have a 3-ring punch.  I have card stock, washi tape, and Sharpies… and that’s all it took!

wd 2

On a side-note, we finished up our last week of vacation with a family bike ride.  This weekend I plan to tackle the laundry and meal-planning, and then we’re set!  Hooray for a new school year!


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