Ramen Burgers and Future Husbands

Dear Girls,

Tonight at dinner I told you I thought marrying a man who makes ramen burgers and grilled peaches is very important.  You laughed.  (Sort of)  Of course I was kidding!  (Sort of)  You promptly responded with how you were going to marry a Christian and how that was most important.  I smiled on the inside; (and out!)  You are correct.  SO correct, my darlings!  Having a Christian Worldview and knowing Jesus personally are THE MOST important characteristics in your future husband.

rb 1

That being said, let me tell you what else you should look for.  Just look at your Dad.  Today he paid for a housekeeper to help keep this place clean and to give your mom a break.  While the housekeeper was working away, he took you bowling… and to Costco… and to lunch… AND to Chuck E. Cheese.  He got brought you home just in time to make dinner.  All the while, he allowed for me to have an entire day to organize and plan for school.  What can you gather from his actions?

rb 2

He is a HARD worker.  He loves his wife very much.  He loves his children very much.  He is fun.  He is an excellent cook.  He is not selfish.  He is generous and kind.  He is extremely patient.  He is cool-tempered and not easily angered.  Children, your Dad possess a lot of incredible traits that I pray you will look for in your future husband… even if you don’t care about ramen burgers!  (Though I know a ramen burger-making husband is high on Natalie’s list!)

rb 3

And ladies… I know you will make wonderful wives and moms some day if that is God’s plan for your life!   Keep seeking Jesus and trust Him with all of your hearts, and He will give you the desires of your hearts. (Ps. 37:4)


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