Sea World 2014

This week was suppose to be our first ever family camp in our local mountains.  We were beyond excited until we got the call this past Thursday; it seems our crazy day of rain in August, (something that never happens here), caused mudslides up at camp.  I waited a day to tell the kids because I was so disappointed and didn’t want to pass that on to them.  Plus, that gave Daniel and me time to come up with plan B… and we did!  On a side note, my kids handled it so well!  My oldest even brought up Romans 8:28; her favorite verse.  Sometimes disappointments offer important life lessons, and in this case they also provided a wonderful back-up plan… Sea World!

cw 1

cw 2

cw 3

 The Flamingo Parade was a fun surprise.  It’s a bit strange to suddenly notice a flamingo walking by you!

cw 4

 The dolphin show was a favorite for all of us!

cw 5

cw 6

cw 7

We bought fish to feed the sea lions, but I think only 2 of the 5 made it to the poor sea lions.  The crazy birds swiped the rest!  Just check out the picture below:

cw 8

cw 9

cw 10

cw 11

cw 12

cw 13

cw 14

The kids actually got to touch the dolphin… I was a bit jealous!  🙂

cw 15

cw 16

cw 17

cw 18

cw 19

cw 20

cw 21

cw 22

 We actually made 4 shows, plus the dolphin encounter, flamingo parade, and most of the exhibits.  It was a packed day!  The kids went down to the front to get wet from Shamu.  They weren’t disappointed!

cw 23

cw 23.5

cw 24

We arrived in San Diego the day before and spent the afternoon swimming in the hotel pool, then went to sushi for dinner and froyo for dessert.  The hotel stay made it extra fun for the kids, and gave us an early start so we could conquer the park from opening until near closing.  Despite short naps from both the littles, all the kids slept on the way home and were transferred straight to bed.  We actually only had to pay for one kid ticket since they had a free firefighter promo… thank you Sea World for helping redeem our vacation week!  Next it’s off to The Cove water park for more free fun thanks to the library summer reading program.  (We won’t bring a camera, but we’ll make some fun memories!)


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