Hiking in August

Since moving to this area almost 18 years ago, I have never experienced such mild August weather.  And, you won’t hear any complaints from this Northern California native.  I absolutely love the chilly mornings and evenings we’ve been having.  To celebrate, we decided to go for a morning hike, yesterday.  We’ve had a few disappointments lately, and a family hike was just what we needed!

hik 1

hik 2

The kids did better than ever.  Daniel and I both commented on how “easy” it seemed compared with the previous hikes.  The cool weather was definitely helpful.  Malachi rode in the backpack the entire ride up.  Thanks for the extra workout, buddy!  When we got to the top, he immediately got out, took off his shoes, and walked in the stream.  So did Allison.  The dog simply laid down in the stream.  I always think I am going to bring my camera, but then I don’t want to carry it up the mountain.  But, next time I will.  The waterfall is just too gorgeous.  Happy August!


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