This time of year holds such a love/ hate relationship for me.  I love seeing all the school supplies at Target, swimming every day, the thought of upcoming holidays, apple-picking, and cozy sweatshirts.  Fall is my favorite!  But, I will miss the lazy summer days… making fresh salsa, swimming after dinner, friends over for barbecues.  Aaaah, sweet summer!  Here are a few summer smiles as we hang on to the last little bit of summer…

smi 1

Face painting, (and lots of other free goodies), courtesy of our dental office!  They had a little grand opening fun.

smi 2

More fresh cucumbers!  (Time for more sushi!)

smi 4

Homemade salsa and guacamole thanks to our tomato plant.  We put it on homemade naan bread, and it was the perfect lunch for all of us!

smi 5

My kids love mason jars as much as me.  (smile)

smi 6

I had no idea what to make for dinner the other night.  Soooo… I grilled some chicken, made some buttered noodles, cut up some tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella and had the kids build their own pasta for dinner.  It was a huge success and I am anxious to try it again with different options.  Oh, and we also roasted some garlic as an option, which was Natalie’s favorite!

smi 7

Love this picture.  That’s all.

smi 8

This gift sat unopened in our craft closet for over a year.  My kids aren’t the best at cutting; (Sorry kids!)  At least, they weren’t… I actually think this helped because they did a great job!  And, snowflakes in July make me smile!

smi 9

Finally, our church had Ben Carson come and speak.  I feel blessed to have heard him… what a gentle, humble, spirit.



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