Summer Craftin’

Other than swimming, I think crafting is our most favorite summer activity.  (Reading is a close third!)  Here are a few snapshots of some summer crafting…

sumc 1

Painting our clay figures

sumc 2

Coloring the American Girl summer poster

sumc 3

Sierra learning to cross-stitch (I just dotted a teddy bear using a sharpie and she did great!)

sumc 4

Natalie’s home-sewn and designed bee

sumc 5

Water-colored paper dolls — always a favorite!

sumc 6

Making the clay figures we painted in the first picture

sumc 7

Fashion design-girls; this has been another summer favorite!

sumc 8

More painting; (I love Natalie’s humming bird!)

sumc 9

Challkboard coloring

sumc 10

Painting items cut-out with our Cricut

sumc 11

And, the easel… Happy summer crafting!


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