626 Night Market

I love Sunset magazine.  A year or 2 ago, we read about a Taiwanese food festival called “626 Night Market” in Arcadia.  My husband is Taiwanese and grew-up in Arcadia — how fun would this be?  We never did make it that summer… or last.  But, this summer we made it!  (A huge thank-you to Grandma for taking the kids to Chick-Fil-A so we could enjoy this date.  I would NOT recommend taking kids here!  It is far too crowded)

626 1

This is the general scene… food booths everywhere and people everywhere!

626 2 626 3

We tried to get lots of “little” things so we could enjoy a large variety.  We also tried to avoid things we could get at local restaurants.

626 4

626 5

626 6

Who would have expected a cool and beautiful evening in late July in Southern California?  What a blessing!

626 7

Because we had no kids with us and no time pressure, we waited in the longest line for a ramen burger.  It took an hour, but it really was worth the wait.  Daniel took one bite and exclaimed.. “Whoa; this really is east meets west!”

626 8

626 9

By the time we were ready to leave, the crowds were just crazy.  There were times we literally couldn’t move.  And, the cars and the people just kept pouring in.  We grabbed an organic peach/ strawberry sweet tea, (filled with bits of real peach and strawberry), then headed home.  It will go down as a super memorable/ fun date!

626 10

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