Meet Roxy

I knew I shouldn’t have gone…  Gone where?  Gone to look at the bunny that was on the flier at the chicken feed store that read, “Free with cage to good home.”  You see, Allison has been asking me for a bunny ever since our cat died.  I have never owned a caged animal, and have never wanted to.  (Pretty much because I don’t like cage cleaning)  Not-to-mention, it seems a little cruel.  But alas, I went… now meet Roxy:

rox 1

Of course, my little artist had to draw her portrait the first day.  This kid can seriously draw better than me!

rox 2

rox 3

She’s a sweet bunny with the softest fur ever.  I’m already annoyed by the cage — we’ll have to figure something out!  She came with the name Roxy, and Allison decided it fit her well… so, Roxy it is!


3 responses to “Meet Roxy

  1. yes! the rabbits and the chickens love each other. i agree with the caged animals! i just don’t want to clean up after an animal. 🙂 i turned the comments off on the blog a while ago which is why you can’t comment. not sure why i did it…i should probably turn them back on. i check your blog weekly! glad all is well!!!

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