Bird Feeder

One thing I love about blogging is looking back at old photos and remembering family times.  Some days I get lost in the past.  Certain photos make me smile, and the occasion seems so “perfect.”  Then I read the captions and remember… “Oh, yeah…”  Well, this post goes something like that.  You will see some cute pictures of us girls working on a bird feeder together.  And, it was fun… but there was also a lot of fussing going on that day.  One girl in particular was quite tired and sent to her room.  But, we talked it through.  Apologies happened.  Hugs happened.  And a beautiful bird feeder emerged.

bf 1

We got the kit in the summer clearance section at Target.  (I really shouldn’t go there.  I can not resist their clearance!)  I originally thought we would do it on the Fourth of July since Daniel was working, but we ended up doing it the next day while Malachi napped.  The feeder was divided into 7 steps.  Natalie opted to do just one step and photograph the rest.  Here are (mostly) her pictures!

bf 3 bf 4 bf 5

And the sweet photographer herself, (hiding her part of the feeder…):

bf 6

bf 7

Hooray for girl craft afternoons!


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