It is Finished!

Yes!  Another summer project crossed off the list.  You may remember back in April when our table smashed due to the wind.  (This was our second glass table in less than a year that smashed.)  So, we finally got smart and went with a non-glass table.  Rather than buying one, my husband decided to build a table top for our existing base.  This way we could customize our look as well as make a larger table for less money than buying a large table.  (Why are patio tables so expensive?)

Our plan of attack and the look of the table went through a few changes along the way, but the end result was just what we wanted.  Daniel finished it at night and I was so excited I took pictures right away…

otable 1

otable 3

And then I took one the next day, as well…

otable 2

The table could probably fit 12 around.  It’s huge.  But, it fits the space perfectly and I love that it’s another project we did together.  (99% husband, 1% me… but, still…)  Greta job, Honey!


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