Mini Cherry Pies!

We heard a while back about William Sonoma offering free cooking classes on Saturdays for kids, but it took me a while to actually remember to call in time to book 3 spots.  I finally remembered and now we are booked for the month of July, with today being our first class.   We were blessed to get the last 3 spots in the mini cherry pie class.

ws 1

We were hoping my hubby would be home to take Malachi, but alas he had to work… so the boy came with us!

ws 2 ws 3

Knowing my son truly has the attention span of the two-year-old he is, I brought his swimsuit and towel so we could play in the fountains for a bit.  He wasn’t as excited without his sisters, but it was a nice break for him.

ws 4

ws 5

The pies turned out incredible, as evidenced below.  I’m not sure it is worth the price for the machine even though it is on clearance now… but it did make me want to bake more pies!

ws 6

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