4th of July 2014

Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating this amazing country of ours and all it stands for!  We have a tradition of taking Fourth of July pictures.  You can see some old ones here and here.  So, here is a glimpse of our day….

Breakfast:  raspberry muffins with a little firework bling!

four 1

Tattoo time:  We got these super cute tattoos from Target, but they came right off in water.  Hmmm…

four 2

Hair done.

four 3

Picture time:

four 4

four 5

four 6

four 7

four 8

four 9

The kids spent the afternoon in the pool.  After a short swim to cool off and play with the kids, I got out and made a salad and cookies for our evening.  We were blessed to got to a barbecue potluck with dear friends.  It was a wonderful July Fourth!

four 10

And, I found my new favorite cookie recipe.  I will try to get it on here for you some time.  They are almond cookies with almond frosting, and I was in almond heaven.

four 11


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