Wall Art

One goal of mine since becoming a homeowner has always been to incorporate both art and scripture throughout our house.  Sometimes the scriptures are very obvious, while other times they are more subtle.  And, I am continually thinking of new ideas.  How awesome will it be for my kids to grow-up and remember scriptures they have seen all over our house?

My first house was a tiny 850 sq feet, but that was plenty big for just me.  Somehow I managed to paint a house that small with about 10 different colors.  (What was I thinking?)  But, it was so fun.  My orange little hallway was my most daring and most fun.

Of course, I remember my first time painting actual art onto my walls.  It was at our last house, and I was so scared that my hands kept shaking.  Now it’s just therapy, and a little more fun.  I no longer shake, but I do get a bit nervous.  So, without further ado, here it is…

wall 1

Work in progress… (LOVE my frog tape!)

wall 2

My cutie keeping me company while sewing at the top of the stairs…  All the kids wanted to help at some point.  I even gave Malachi a little chalkboard to color on while I chalked my design out on the wall.  This time the most they got to do was peel tape and keep me company.  I did most of the work while they were sleeping thanks to the crazy amounts of coffee I consumed, but usually I do projects during the day because I am just not a night owl.

wall 3

The gray looks totally blue, which was not what I had expected.  But, it turned out just fine, I think.  And

wall 4

wal 5

One summer project down, 999 to go!


5 responses to “Wall Art

  1. How lovely! Good job! Your house is a true representation of yourself; colorful and creative.
    I wish I could do all that I imagine, but it’s probably a good thing my man keeps me in check! (lol)

      • (ha, ha) How lovely that he encourages your endeavors.

        Being married to an artist, my guy has very particular tastes and desires in design. It’s not a complaint, mind you, he knows what he’s talking about; it’s just that I do not have the freedom to decorate or make purchases without him. Most everything is done by him or on his behalf. It works for us! 🙂

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